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"China Town"(Poland)  manages Chinese Restaurants "China Town"  since 1997 and employs fifty persons now. The company engages in: business, restaurant, tourism and  Chinese language education.

The company sponsors Poland-China Economic and Cultural Association (www.pol-chin.pl) and Chinese Language School in Warsaw (www.chineseschool.pl), as well as the internet portal for Chinese Society in Poland(www.plchinese.com).  In the year of 2007, we established our travel agency "China Town Travel” (www.chinatown-travel.pl), which organizes the tourist groups from Poland to China and vice versa.

On 8-10.09.2011, China Town (Poland)Group, together with MT Polska, has successfully organized the first edition "China Expo Poland" in Warsaw. (www.chinaexpo.pl)

Now the company owns four chain Chinese Restaurants "China Town" in Poland.

The name "China Town" is registered in Polish Patent Office for the brand-protect of restaurant, hotel, and travel agency. Its internet domains is: www.chinatown.pl

The restaurants boast more than 80% frequent visitors. They offer really rich menu, which you can have here or take away. Restaurants "China Town" are popular among the diplomats from many embassies, well-known businessmen, journalists, actors as well as common citizens. Here also is a favourite place among people from Asia, such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indian and so on.

The  Polish weekly magazine "Polityka" granted us with five stars for food quality and nice service. Also the Polish first newspapers "Gazeta Wyborcza" has dedicated many flattering articles about us. The similar articles you may found in "Życie Warszawy" or "Newsweek" or "Warsaw Insider". Our restaurant had also the honor to be guests of TVP from Warsaw and "TV Phoenix" from Hong Kong.

Our restaurant organizes receptions at client's place, for instance: in Chinese Embassy on the occasion of  Chinese National Day, in Hotel Marriott and Hyatt for Casino Poland, in Hotel Hilton for Olympic Casino, in Cinema "Culture" for Chinese Film Week , in "Zachęta" Art Gallery for Modern Chinese Art Exhibition, in Polish National Museum for Chinese Antique Exhibition,  as well as at client’s company or house.

We also received a lot of Chinese delegations from Chinese Government,  Military, Art Troupe, Sportsman and Businessmen. On the 2nd of August 2004, Chinese National Women Volleyball Team visited us, after then they won the Olympic gold medal in Athens.

Since March, 2008, we offer our Chinese food for Polish Airline which directly flies from Warsaw to Beijing.

The company also publishes "China Town Daily Digest" („Pol-Chin Dziennik”) in Chinese every day, for the convenience of Chinese in Poland to know about the newest information from China, Poland and other world regions.

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